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Weddings, birthdays, public/private event? From beef carpaccio and tuna tartare to cheeseburger sliders and tuna melts. 
We can do it all! 
Our Food, Our Service, Your Environment
Private Parties
We can cater to any need whether it is a wedding, birthday, or just time to party. There is no set menu so we can serve almost any food you desire. If you have a specific set of options in mind we can turn that in to a menu, or we can provide a list of our own options for your event that are more specific to a price range.  What is nice about Sporks is when the party is over, there is no dirty dishes or clean up afterwards because we take the kitchen with us.
Public Events
Do you have an event coming up? Sporks is your answer! Most other food trucks or food vendors offer similar products, which makes it difficult to coordinate because the menus will clash creating competition and irritation between companies. Our advantage is that we will create a menu around the other trucks or vendors so that there will not be duplicate items. Another advantage to Sporks is that we also double as an ice cream truck! We pride ourselves on our product, speed, and low prices.
Location Ideas
We are always looking to expand, if you have an idea about a possible location please let us know! Do you have a bunch of employees and a short lunch break? We can fix that. Know a high traffic area that does not offer something to eat within a reasonable distance? We can fix that. Ever wonder how cool it would be to walk outside, order great food for even better prices, then be eating something made to order without eating from a fast food chain? 
Click on the contact page for all ideas on possible locations.